Anna Pennati

Always ready for change and new challenges, she has created new works of rare intensity for this exhibition, embracing three of her favourite themes: ‘alchemy’, ‘endless lines’ and the brand new ‘black series’.

Ariel Soulé

Continuous design and conceptual research led to the exhibition of three works that are distant from each other over the years, but which well describe the artistic journey of ariel soulé, who agreed to put himself on the line again.

Ariel Soulé Entartete Musik 20x200cm - 2005

Endless line Galileo tecnica mista su tela 2024 - 100x100cm

Anna Pennati Le tre Grazie 2021 - 200x200cm

Two artists in sequence producing artistic and aesthetic consequences. This is the result of a kind of experimentation by Anna Pennati and Ariel Soulé. A free researcher of multidirectional morphologies, the former; differently, her experimental ‘alter ego’, Ariel, is a perpetrator of formal pictorial sequences (held by a subtle and pertinent fil rouge) as a consequence of literary-philosophical assumptions. What do the two do? They aim to merge, each yielding some of their creative ‘cells’ to the other. Or, rather, each of them appropriates (distant memory of the New Realist gesture?) the right or left side of a painting of his colleague. Any left side that one of them has taken over is grafted onto the right side of one of their own paintings. Artistic engineering action, even though the two paintings at stake are in good aesthetic health. Translated with (free version)

Prof. Carmelo Strano

Ariel Soulé & Anna Pennati stampa su carta Fabriano 70x50 - 2022

An exchange of sequences. The sequence usually rests on a linear development (see the early Christian sarcophagi), thus determining juxtaposition. But Leonardo Fibonacci, whom they rightly refer to, at the beginning of the 13th century points out, in a succession, a phenomenon of consequence, i.e. a leap, which determines ‘other’ consequences that differ from the initial situation (the formula is well known).


Anna Pennati & Ariel Soulé Consequenze Chora 2 2012/2022 - 100x100 acrilico su tela

In their case, the consequence is precisely connotative. It is therefore a linguistically transmuting or deviant result.
This is quite different from when someone intervenes on an original by manipulating it in various ways. For example, to transfigure it and make it their own or for censorship purposes.

Ariel Soulé & Anna Pennati consequenze Endless Lines Artemide 2022/2021 - 100x100cm acrilico su tela

Ariel Soulé Into the mirror 2021 - 180x143cm acrilico su tela

Anna Pennati & Ariel Soulé Consequenze 2 Stampa su carta Fabriano 2022 - 70x50cm

Anna Pennati El sueno, sublimazione nera 2020 - 100x150cm tecnica mista su tela

The aim here is to determine a new work that appears to be consanguineous, even though the blood group is different. The hybrid that we experience internationally is probably taken into account. And it is precisely in the light of this that the experiment has a different character compared to the post-Dadaist ‘games’ that some prominent artists have played on other people's works. But again: in spite of these notations of epochal updating, in Anna and Ariel's operation, the chiasmatic game of the exchange of tensions at X peeps out. As early as the 5th century BC, Polyclitus fixed this game in his ‘Doriphoros’. The sculpture flaunts the interplay between the tension of the left arm (holding the spear) and that of the right leg holding the weight of the body.

Of course, in this case, a hybrid within Western culture. But one can go even further, can't one?

Prof. Carmelo Strano

Anna Pennati, Luca Temolo Dall'Igna e Ariel Soulé

Consequenze 2 stampa su carta Fabriano 70x50cm - 2022

The two artists mutually decompose the works into sections that are then ideally combined to create new figures. The left half of one is visually placed next to the right half of the other and vice versa, thus producing new emotional sensations.

The idea is further developed by incorporating the notion that an intervention by another person on a finished work, such as the act of censoring the volumes of the Salamanca library, rather than the erasure of words and letters in the works of Emilio Isgrò (1937), leads to different, often unexpected, but nevertheless new realities. In 1953, Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) asked his master Willem De Kooning (1904-1987) to give him a drawing and erased it in order to demonstrate that just by ‘erasing’ one can create a new work of art.

It is indeed censorship, but censorship that CREATES something new. And anyone who knows even a little about the psychology of an artist knows how unthinkable it is to let someone so invasively enter one's usually forbidden territory. Not a two-handed creation, but an intervention, even a total one, in a finished work.

A rearrangement of images in SEQUENCES that leads to inevitable, but very interesting CONSEQUENCES that will be seen not only in the resulting works, but also in the reaction of the artists themselves and the viewers.

Luca Temolo Dall’Igna

Anna Pennati & Ariel Soulé Consequenze Chora 2 2012/2022 - 100x100 acrilico su tela

Ariel Soulé & Anna Pennati consequenze Endless Lines Artemide 2022/2021 - 100x100cm acrilico su tela