"Here, elsewhere - we are an island."

Looking at the artworks of artist Carin Grudda, at first glance one is astonished, as still a stranger, at her fantastic creativity. Her characters seem to come from "different" worlds, sometimes far away, sometimes as if hidden inside us. They walk through the woods and meadows, they look out over the shores where the waves break in a continuous and unstoppable dialogue.

Often tiny, hiding among the grass leaves, but also huge figures, like fairy tale characters from when we were children, naive and still "pure." A mature, conscious innocence that transports us to live in its world, thus allowing us to perceive sensations that have long been dormant.

We are an island oil on wood 2019 - 41.5 x 89 cm

An exhibition composed of strange figures with evocative names such as Misses Lumpe, Blau Miau, The Little King, to the very latest Zebra that come to life singing, dancing, talking about joy and giving endless supplies of life energy making us happy.

In the blue painted blue oil on canvas 2019 - 136 x 157 cm

A phrase uttered by Marcello Mastroianni and borrowed from 8½, a masterpiece of the greatest "artist" of cinema, Federico Fellini, allows us to explain what happens after a while that one "frequents" the fantasy world of Carin: ... "But what is this flash of happiness that makes me tremble, gives me back strength, life? I beg your pardon, sweet creatures: I did not understand, I did not know. How right it is to accept you, to love you. And how simple it is!"...

Himmelsleitern olio su legno 2021 -82 x 46 x 7 cm

Here and elsewhere - We are an island

Carin Grudda now presents the full maturity of his artistic evolution: bronze sculptures of all sizes, oil paintings, assemblages, up to engravings made with the most difficult of techniques, drypoint.

This is the title of the exhibition: a place where everyone can land, from every direction as only an island can allow, open to every soul and free spirit, which will find nourishment and comfort here.

Lady with bird bronze 2021 - 37 x 25.5 x 11 cm