Women out of time by Salvador Aulestia

25 works dating from 1986 to 1990, totally unpublished, which well represent the culmination of the artist's ‘Milanese’ period. these works are entirely dedicated to the female universe, ‘timeless women’, elaborated and celebrated in their archetypal, symbolic, emotional aspect and always the main subject of his expressionist works.

The Artist

Salvador Aulestia ‘artist’ is truly impressive for the expressive force found in his works, in which sign and colour act with incredible intensity, sometimes leaving us admiring, sometimes amazed, never indifferent. it is impossible to remain impassive in front of one of his works. in each case, he captivates us hypnotically, with the symbolic and compositional force of his images. once known, his works are easily recognised by their unique style and his personality, which pervades every work he creates, be it painting, sculpture, drawings, through to his writings, music and major projects


Endless line Galileo tecnica mista su tela 2024 - 100x100cm

“Mari dove vai” 1988 - acrilico su tela cm. 80x60

‘From my more abstract and synthetic point of view, I think it would be important to foment the spiritual growth and development of the human being, considered as a real entity capable of transcendent ends, and not merely as a mechanical work machine. Rabid pragmatism and materialism are the great evils of modern civilisation, which is totally subjugated to the tyranny of technology and the laws of economic systems. The development of the art of literature, religiosity and pure science, stripped of their pragmatic and utilitarian aspect, will be of great help.’
(Salvador Aulestia – Diario de Barcelona – 6 settembre 1966).

“All’indomani dell’incontro” 1988 - acrilico su tela cm. 60x100

“Il rimorso certo” 1989 - acrilico su tela cm. 100x80

The Spanish master's figures winkingly, sometimes even amusedly suggest sensuality, communicate their explosive femininity to the viewer through a wide range of unexpected poses and gestures. The many women painted by Aulestia seem aware that they are involved in the game of portraiture, aware that they are spied by the artist's eye only to be geometrically deconstructed by his brush. Whether single figures or double portraits of women, the ingenious Catalan has returned some interesting pictorial snapshots in which the woman's body is the protagonist, conceived as a sculpture in the round and painted according to the canons of a personal reinterpretation of Cubist decomposition, as in the work ‘Via libera al desiderio’ (Free to desire).

Sarah Lanzoni

“L’occultazione della femminilità” 1989 - acrilico su tavola cm. 69x56

“La donna dell’orticello” 1990 - acrilico su tavola cm. 47x34

“Ma non è nata ieri” 1989 - acrilico su tela cm. 80x60

“Il pronostico è un po’ diverso” 1989 - acrilico su tela cm. 120x80

Yes. I had the privilege of getting to know the great master Salvador Aulestia closely and deeply, even on a day-to-day basis. I will try to tell you something about him in the Man/Artist, leaving the criticism of his work to the critics.



Luca Temolo Dall’Igna

Exhibitions. After his first exhibition, in 1936, in Barcelona, he held more than 70 solo exhibitions all over the world, including, in the 1950s, eight in the United States, between New York and Los Angeles. In Italy, he held a solo exhibition in 1980 at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. He participated in events with the leading artists of his generation. 


Biennials. Aulestia was invited to the world's major Biennales. Among them, the one in São Paulo (Brazil), the Spanish-American ones in Barcelona, New York and Paris, and of course the one in Venice, where he also represented Spain, in 1968, with a personal room. 

Museums. His works can be found in various museums, including the Museums of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Madrid and Las Palmas, the Museums of Modern Art in Paris and Berne, the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.

“Ore incerte del tardo pomeriggio” 1986 - acrilico su tela cm. 100x80

“Hano ancora molto tempo” 1989 - acrilico su tela cm. 100x80

“Donna senza tempo” 1986 - acrilico su tela cm. 100x70

“Modesto discorso” 1988 - acrilico su tela cm. 90x70