Elia Panori

Almach Art has always been careful to give space to young art, taking the risks of a complex but value-rich promotion.

And speaking of young art, we can well refer to elia panori, young in terms of age, but already rich in artistic experience, which over a long period of time has led him to a thoughtful maturity.

The new void

‘one's essence/identity can be modelled in an empty space or perceived within a matter that with its fullness yearns for the void where it can elaborate its own form’.

Endless line Galileo tecnica mista su tela 2024 - 100x100cm

Fascinated by a vibrant matter and an unknown, boundless, rarefied space that attracts, contains but at the same time repels, the artist starts out from a philosophical reflection inspired by a meditation on St. Augustine and the writings of Karl Rosenkranz, a pupil of Hegel, and arrives at a highly original research guided by a disposition of spirit at a given time or period’. (Cristina Rossi)

Elia Panori is not focused on himself.
One's ‘own’ ideas are addressed to ‘something else’, to fill that void that is here also the title of the exhibition.
Beware, however, that this is not an emptiness without meaning, but an emptiness of that superficial matter that today's society often presents to us as a reason to live, a generational emptiness resulting from an uncomfortable and cumbersome social and environmental legacy, which has left our young people with a difficult soil to cultivate and which only the most courageous and stubborn will succeed in making fertile again.

Luca Temolo Dall’Igna